Helping the People of Ukraine; I send all sales proceeds to Ukraine. Let’s help as many Ukrainians as possible! www.OBW.LIFE for details

The Whole Purpose Of This Gallery Is To Help The People Of Ukraine. I Send All Proceeds to Ukraine - See The List Below - So You Can Donate direct! Help Me Help More People By Sharing!

My Art is available as posters, framed, on mugs, notepads, linens and more.

Why I am making this Art sale to benefit the people of Ukraine

Rod Turner For details please visit my website; www.OBW.LIFE or
Hello and welcome! My name is Rod Turner, I am a successful serial hi-tech entrepreneur and I love to make digital art! I am CEO of my current tech business which is successful.
It's important to me to help people in need, so when I realized that my art is liked by many people, I decided to sell my art to send all the money directly to Ukraine.
Help me help more people in Ukraine by sharing this page on social media. Thank you! Together we can have a big positive impact on the Ukrainian people to help them through the horrible trauma that they are experiencing.
I send all proceeds to the best entities active on the ground in Ukraine. They are detailed below, you can donate to them directly.

These are the groups that I have already selected to send proceeds to;

From 2008 to 2011 I was Chairman of ArtSlant LP, which was then a leading contemporary artist website.